Management and Operation of Sports Venues Activity 3

Management and Operation of Sports Venues
Activity 3
© Copyright Universidad Europea. Todos los derechos reservados.
Title Quality and satisfaction analysis in a sporting event
Unit 5 Type Individual
Delivery Final report in PDF/Word format. Max 15 pages. Choice of typeface and
size: reasonable.
Weight 15%
1. Statement
You must design a customer satisfaction survey for a sport event of your choice,
according to the following structure:
1. Part 1. Choice of event and contextualization. Choose an event you would like
to study in terms of its customer satisfaction (note that you do not need to
complete the research, just design it, so your event can be in past or in future).
Give some reasoning why you choose this event, i.e. why is it interesting to
study. Describe the event briefly, so that a person who has not been there,
understands what kind of event you are studying (you may use pictures as well
if you like).
2. Part 2. Design of the research, divided in the following sections:
o Research problem and questions: What is your research problem that you
are aiming at solve with this study? What is your research question(s)?
o Survey methods: What methodology are you using and reasons for it?
o Execution: How are you going to do the actual study? How do you plan to
collect the data? When and where?
o Questionnaire: Design the actual questionnaire
o Data analysis: How are you going to analyze your data? Are you using a
Your report length is dependent on your chosen way of doing this, but it should be
approximately as follows; Event description 1-3 pages, Research implementation
(problem, questions, methods and execution) 3-6 pages, Questionnaire, Data analysis
plan 1-3 pages. Remember to reference correctly in text and reference list at the end.
How the activity should be resolved?
Follow these steps to complete the activity properly:
1. Familiarise yourself with the contents of Unit 5.
Management and Operation of Sports Venues
Activity 3
© Copyright Universidad Europea. Todos los derechos reservados.
2. Do the tasks demanded in the activity from Part 1 to Part 2.
3. Submit the final document through the Virtual Campus.
The learning objectives to be achieved in this activity are the following:
• To design a market research adapted to the analysis of quality and satisfaction
in sporting events.
• To determine the measuring instruments in a quality and satisfaction analysis,
adapted to the specific context.
2. Delivery details
1. Draft a report, max 15 pages in a PDF/Word format. The student must submit
a report containing all the tasks demanded in the activity in a consecutive and
numbered manner.
2. Upload the document individually to the activity at the virtual campus.
• Unit 5 will be especially useful for you in this activity.
• Plagiarism, considered a serious offense, is a reason to fail the activity
if this circumstance is discovered.

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