Marbury v. Madison: The Legacy of Judicial Review

I NEED 750 WORDS MINIMUM. Probably the most important case in the history of the United States Supreme Court is that of Marbury v. Madison. The holding of the case, however, was only of immediate import to a few. However, Chief Justice John Marshall’s determination that the Supreme Court has the power of judicial review (i.e., the power to invalidate a duly passed law on Constitutional grounds) has had a lasting impact. In a 750-1,000-word essay, address the following: • Describe the factual circumstances of the case and the Supreme Court’s holding (i.e., what did the Supreme Court actually decide). • Explain Chief Justice Marshall’s reasoning in reaching the conclusion that the Supreme Court could invalidate laws. • Evaluate whether this doctrine of judicial review is consistent with the Constitution and describe whether the doctrine of judicial review has been a positive or a negative in American politics.

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