Marketing Audit re-implementing Sears Holding’s Unused Physical Assets

7. Promotion Strategies ( 2 pages) What are the promotion objectives and what elements of the promotions mix are being most relied upon to achieve them? What advertising mediums are being used to promote the product? Evaluate/Critique/Make Recommendations: Is the promotions mix used by the firm effective? Are they consistent with the promotion objectives? Could other promotional tools be effectively used to reach the target market? What appeals could be used effectively? 8. Global Strategies ( 2 Pages) What cultural factors would the company need to consider when marketing the product in global markets? How might infrastructure impact the marketing of the product overseas? What type of economic factors would a country need for successful introduction of the product? Evaluate/Critique/Make Recommendations: In what ways would the marketing mix elements need to be adapted from marketing the product overseas? Would a product extension/adaptation promotion extension/adaptation, or product invention strategy make the most sense?

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