Marketing essay about `Lancashire Bomb` cheese in Turkey

I need an essay about the `Lancashire Bomb Cheese` in the Turkish market. You need to state if that cheese can be successfull in Turkey or not. Write about -Product: f.e. How to change that product, if needed?, How to adjust that product to the Turkish population needs? -Price: f. e. What is the required best price to sell that product in Turkey? -Place: Where to sell that product at best?, Where do people like to buy cheese in Turkey? -Promotion: How to promote the cheese to Turkish people at best? -Target Market: Who is the target market? Why? -Could be there a `Country of origin effect`? I DO NOT NEED ANY DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT, COMPANY AND ANY MARKETING THEORIES. I NEED A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THAT CHEESE IN THE TURKISH MARKET.

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