Marketing Plan – Introducing Vegan Option to the Yum! Brand

Please note: This is impossible, I’m seeing everyone’s instant messages but it is not letting me respond to them. Please make offer. When I click our your messages it goes no where and only show 13 offers from writers. I want to chat with people, but it won’t let me. =( Marketing plan due Dec 12th but with various parts due earlier, see instructions. Part A – already turned in Internal Environment: What is my company’s mission, objectives, and growth strategies? What is the corporate culture and how does it influence marketing activities? What has my company done in the past with its: Target markets? Products? Pricing? Promotion? Supply chain? What resources including management expertise does my company have that make us unique? How has the company added value through it offerings in the past? External Environment: What is the nature of the overall domestic and global market for our product? How big is the market? Who buys our product? Who are our competitors? What are their marketing strategies? What are the key trends in the economic environment? The technological environment? The regulatory environment? The social and cultural environment? S.W.O.T. Analysis: Based on this analysis of the internal and external environments, what are the key: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Part B – due 11/16/16 Product/Company you are writing your marketing plan on: Set Marketing Objectives What does marketing need to accomplish to support the objectives of my plan? (Here is where you write the goals of your marketing strategy. What do you want to accomplish by following your marketing plan?) Part C – due 11/16/16 C. Develop Marketing Strategies 1. Select Target Markets and Positioning How do consumers and organizations go about buying and using your products? Which consumer segments should you select to target? If your target market is consumers: What is the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of your target market? What are their media habits? If your target market is businesses (B2B): What are the relevant organizational demographics? Part D – due 11/30/16 – Implement and Control the Marketing Plan 1. Action Plans for all marketing mix (product, price, promotion, distribution) elements: How do you make your marketing plan happen? (Be specific.) 2. Responsibility Who (which employee/manager) is responsible for accomplishing each aspect of implementing the marketing plan? (Be specific.) 3. Time Line What is the timing for the elements of your marketing plan? (Layout a timeline to accomplish each task here. Be specific.) 4. Budget What is the budget for your marketing objectives? (What are the media costs, printing costs, production costs, etc. Be specific.) 5. Measurement and Control How are you going to measure the actual performance you are your plan? (Are you going to use sales numbers, number views, number of clicks on a website? Be specific.) Hint: This part of your plan is the actual “road map” or directions on how to accomplish your objectives. You need to lay out how long everything is going to take, how much you estimate it is going to cost, who will be responsible for carrying out each task, and how you will know if your plan worked or not. Here you need to do research so you can make estimations. Use industry standards and population numbers to estimate your numbers. (For example if you are opening a pizza restaurant in a neighborhood and you want to estimate weekly sales, you’ll need to figure out what population in that neighborhood is your target market and out of those numbers how many people are likely to eat pizza. Then do the math.) Final due 12/14/16 – Follow the “build a Marketing Plan” pull-out from your textbook (between pages 72 and 73) as the outline for this Written Marketing Plan. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN OUTLINE or one that you found on the Internet. The final paper should be 15 to 20 pages long including the Appendix, and should be written in standard business format: single spaced (MS Word 1.15 default ok), blocked paragraphs (paragraphs not indented and separated by a line space), and 11-12 point font size. You can use bulleted lists instead of paragraphs where appropriate (see sample marketing plan in textbook Appendix pp. 476-487 for style expectations). Your written paper should have a cover page, a works cited page at the end of the written paper before the Appendix, and have page numbers printed on the lower right side of each page (except for the cover page). Keep in mind that your paper will be analyzed by plagiarism software, so if you have any material in the paper that is not your own, you must cite the source of information. (You can use the reference tab in Microsoft Word to help you format your citations and your “Works Cited” page. For citations, use APA format.) I would also recommend that you bring the final draft of this paper to the NSC Student Writing Center and have the writing center staff proofread your paper before you turn it, as you will be marked down for misspellings, improper grammar, poor sentence structure, and poor organization. This should be written as a “professional” marketing plan, so make sure the final product would be representative of something that you would turn into your boss or your client. Remember, this is not a research paper, this is a strategy paper where research was used to support your strategy. (You may research back-up information, but use your own strategy.) You will submit the entire marketing plan on the last day of the term. All papers must be turned in by December 17th at midnight. Under no circumstances will this paper be accepted late. If you do not turn it in by the deadline, you will receive zero credit. Below I have attached three examples of outstanding marketing plans that were submitted by students for this class in the past to give you an idea of what is expected. I’ve attached what I turned in for Part A (you can either use that info or stray from it) and an example of what they are looking for.

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