Math homework Due today within a few hours (250 words including the math)

Data is everywhere! It is all a matter of what you do with it that makes a difference. This discussion will allow you to look at a set of data, use some of the techniques found in Chapter 12 to analyze the data and discuss your conclusions with your classmates based on the statistics you develop. Evaluate a set of statistics (an excel spreadsheet with 50 unique sets of data is embedded at the end of this description–you must select one that has not previously been selected), construct a frequency distribution table (you can do this using the table icon in your rich text editor) and calculate the mean, mode, and standard deviation of the data. Develop a scenario that best represents the data you selected and discuss what the data is telling you in light of the fact of the scenario that you selected. For the title of your post use your last name and the data set that you selected (Example: Vigil – Data Set #51). Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words which inlcludes the math. Must pick data set 31 on the chart. Use link data set problem chart

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