Media and Identity

The paper should be a 1000 word (minimum) essay. The essay must include internal, parenthetical citations (in text) in the current MLA format and a corresponding Works Cited page. Choose one specific piece of media (a TV show, ad, film, web site, magazine, video game, news source, etc) then discuss and analyze how it shapes our identities. That is, how does it ask us to see the world? What does it say about who we are and the world we live in? Keep in mind its rhetorical aims and effects discussed in Module 2.Give your essay a concrete thesis. You want to examine and analyze how and why your piece of media impacts society – for example, how it deals with violence, sexuality, language, religion, race, age, class, gender, politics, disability, environment, etc. This essay should be heavy on analysis and critical thought, and light on summary. Use lots of specific, concrete examples from your specific media of choice. You must also use a minimum of THREE additional, reliable, outside sources. Some of these may be from Writing on the River and others you can look up using the Library resources addressed earlier in this Module.

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