Mega trends and economic drivers reshaping the music industry

digital disruption tipping points: Generate at least 4 topics of the megatrends and/or economic drivers that relate to the interconnected environment and market sector (music industry) that your good idea will exist within. Please use credible sources in references. Identify how some of these topics mature or evolve and if possible, how some of them link together or converge. Identify two (or more) disruption tipping points that you predict may occur as a result of the topics evolving and/or converging to the degree where things will never be quite the same again. I would recommend that you include this as a heading. I would also look in the direction of Technological, social, identity, & economical: – Blockchain (one of the disruptive tipping point) – VR for a shared experience – Ai & ML for real-time data and analytics, Ai devices, automation, predictive personalisation, cloud computing & IOT. – Streaming as a service – From labels to independence (individualism) & from album to single tracks – Global culture (collaboration, shared experience, e.g. VR, immediacy) – Closer fan connection through channels like podcasts or Instagram – Privacy as a product – total information transparency – income inequality – big data backlash – search for happiness – intensifying global competition – part-time and mobile working – industry consolidation – purpose and meaning – visibility of wealth – value refinement – health and workplace value – ultra personalised content and suggestions – crowdsourcing creative work – reality tourism (VR) – sustainable enterprises

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