message receiving process.

1. Evaluate the three parts of the message receiving process.
2. Compare two common approaches to getting feedback, and explain why they do not work.
3. In your opinion, can a leader maintain a personal friendship with some members of his/her work group or team without creating the perception of in-groups in his/her work unit? In your opinion, explain the impact of such a relationship to one of the stages of the dyadic theory.
4. What should a leader do to dispel any notion or misconception that there are in-groups and out-groups in his/her work unit? Explain. Evaluate the two types of relationships under the vertical dyadic linkage model.
5. What do you say to those who argue that tactics used by followers to get noticed by their leader (such as impression management, ingratiation, and self-promotion) are shameful and self-serving and should be avoided? Explain and offer your opinion of the link to developing high-quality LMX relationships.

163) Describe your reflection, after you watching the TED that is Who controls the world? by JAMES B. GLATTFELDER
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When calculating the cheapest way to ship product to a central location from different capacity-limited locations elswhere, which calculation must you perform FIRST ?
D. Stepping Stones
Posting a numbered menu that offers only a limited selection of available foods is an example of productivity improvement by
One reason why it is important to make quantitative measurements and predictive forecasts:
Increase desampling, encryption, and transmission speeds
Reduce waste from the mis-use of scarce resources
Enforce implicit deny
Make it easier to subvert established means of data manipulation
A manager only has time to address the most important issues. Which of the following charts would prove most helpful to this manager ?
Pareto chart
Scatter diagram
Exclusion chart
Which of the following interview techniques seeks to focus and then establish a consensus of the opinions of experts ?
Likert scale questionnaires
Delphi exchanges
Neural network modeling
Actor-Network Theory
The implementation of controls and documentation of management actions …
must not rely on third party frameworks, expert opinions, or externally validated best practices
must not be circumscribed by any legal authority
has to be auditable after-the-fact, with built-in traceability and non-repudiation
requires strict enforcement of mandatory access control

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