Mid Term Essay

2-3 page mid term essay for my anthropology class with assignment instructions attached. Mid term is on text “The Harmless People” by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. Attachment isn’t working right now on mobile for me so I’m pasting the assignment instructions below: Use any materials you wish including The Harmless People to refer to in your essay. Write a minimum of two full pages (write less than two FULL pages and you will get zero points) and a maximum of three pages, at 1.5 spacing using 12 point font. Make sure you refer frequently in your essay to the texts we have studied, citing page numbers where appropriate. If you use additional texts please cite them all in a reference section at the end of your essay. The reference section does not count as part of the 2 to 3 pages of the essay. Choose one question only to answer from the following: 1. The hunter-gatherer way of life was once considered the most insecure and tough form of human survival leaving no room for the development of culture. Against this way of thinking the American anthropologist Marshall Sahlins put forward the idea that it may have been actually the “Original Affluent Society”, with much leisure time amongst groups whose material needs were easily met. From your readings about the Gikwe and the !Kung San hunter-gatherers, which point of view do you most agree with and why? 2. What do you see as the main changes that took place in San life between the first Marshall expedition in the early 1950s and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas’ return visit in 1989 and what were their causes? 3. We call the modern digitalized economy a ‘knowledge-based economy’. Some people have argued that the San/Bushman way of life was a ‘knowledge-based’ economy but of a different kind. What points could be put forward to prove that point? 4. What were the benefits of equality and resource-sharing for individuals in hunter-gatherer societies? Why did that way of life endure for so long? 5. By what means was social cohesion in San society traditionally achieved? 6. With reference to the book The Harmless People and to the film N!ai the Story of a !Kung Woman, how much freedom did women have in !Kung society? 7. “The problem with egalitarian societies is that they suppress individuality.” How far do you agree with this statement in relation to the San/Bushmen? Refer closely to any of the texts you have been studying. 8. “The San have plenty of survival techniques but they have no culture” – Discuss Points 25

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