MIHL 320 The American Revolution Proposal & Annotated Bibliography

Your Mission: During this MILH 320 course, you will develop a profile report on a Revolutionary War commander. This is a two-part assignment, and the first part — proposing a suitable officer for your research and then developing your annotated bibliography. Pick a Soldier: There are only a few restrictions. Obviously, George Washington would be too easy! Your soldier can be one of the major generals, such as Greene or Wayne, or even as low as a regimental commander (Lieut. Colonel by 1783) such as Henry Lee or even Aaron Burr. Keep in mind that many Revolutionary officers could have been in the state militia or the Continental Army, or even both! You could also choose a Tory or British officer for your profile, but keep in mind that primary sources for these soldiers may be limited, especially with regards to the British regulars. Also, if you decide to choose a French officer like Lafayette or even a German/Prussian officer, there could be language barriers involved, so try to be realistic about your proposed topic. see attached for assignment instructions

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