MKTG 3665 DMS PAPER 2021 Summer session 2

2020 SS1 – Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS) Paper
The purpose of this assignment is to articulate how you would apply the key digital marketing concepts you
have learned in this course-to-date to put together a successful digital marketing strategy. The paper should
focus on the use and integration of Website Strategy & Optimization, Digital Communication Strategy, Search
Engine Optimization, and Paid Search and Online Advertising.
Your deliverable for this assignment will be a 5-6 page paper, 12 Font, double spaced, Times New Roman,
with appropriate APA citations/references, and any exhibits you feel are appropriate. Use sub-headers to
identify key sections of the paper. The paper should also include a cover page (Note: reference, exhibits and
cover page are in addition to the 5-6 pages of content). This paper is due on Wednesday, 8/11 at
midnight. Please upload to Husky CT Assignment Tab.
Product you are developing a digital marketing strategy for:
• To help you focus your thinking, assume that you are marketing a line of android tablets to
consumers 18-34 years old. Priced at $99, $199 and $399 (assume added features for the more
expensive models like, storage, screen size, camera quality, battery life, etc.). These consumers are
tech savvy and use search advertising and social media to gain information when making product
purchase decisions. A digital marketing plan will be effective in attracting them versus a traditional
TV and print campaign.
• Address the following questions in the paper:
1. Develop 2-3 personas for this target audience.
2. What are the key considerations for your website design, so that it has optimal impact with potential
3. What will be your writing style for your website, email campaigns and search ads?
4. What will be your key considerations for developing an effective search engine strategy?
5. What will be your key considerations and strategies for developing an effective search ad campaign
and online advertising campaign?
Key Considerations/Suggestions:
• I am not interested in super-specific details of each strategy. I am more interested in the thought
process to develop the strategies. For example, I don’t need to see actual copy in the writing style
section. Although, it is fine to include an example to make a point. Think about the strategy for each
of these sections, not the specific execution/tactics.
• Use the e-textbook and posted articles/ppts as resources. Additional resources can be used, but
should be properly cited using APA format.
Required Sections of Paper:
1. Title Page
2. Introduction
3. Personas Strategy (2-3 examples)
4. Website Strategy
5. Writing Style Strategy
6. Search Engine and Paid Advertising Strategy (Include keyword listing w/justification)
7. Summary
8. References (Minimum 5 listed)
9. Exhibits – to visually explain key points in paper (can be inserted in paper or at end w/reference)
Grading Criteria:
Each section below will be assessed accordingly toward the total paper grade:
Persona: 10%
Website Strategy: 10%
Writing Style Strategy: 10%
Search Engine Strategy: 20%
Search Ad & Paid Advertising Campaign Strategy: 20%
Quality of Writing: 10%
Proper Formatting: 10%
References and Exhibits: 10%
Total: 100%

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