Modern Human genetic adaptations influenced by cultural behaviors

Choose one of the following three subject areas for your 4-6 page research paper for this class. Tell me what aspect(s) of this topic interest(s) you. Investigate the current research regarding your specific topic and write a clear, original paper on your findings, written specifically for this spring 2018 class at DVC. The general parameters listed below as appropriate subject areas for this assignment are intentionally broad and vague in order to give students a wide range of ideas. Remember that your research paper must be focused on the underlying BIOLOGY of your topic, not just the social or cultural aspect/impact of your topic today. 1) Modern Human genetic adaptations influenced by cultural behaviors Procedures: • Introduce and define the topic you are addressing in a clear and concise thesis statement (what is the focus of your paper). Your thesis statement must be stated at the end of your first paragraph. • Present background information on this topic, including historic research if applicable. • Compare/contrast the views of several researchers and at least five different sources. Add to the research you compiled in the Annotated Bibliography assignment earlier in this course. • Structure your paper to present information in a logical progression to build a cohesive narrative. • Recap and conclude. Your conclusion must include a restatement of your thesis and demonstrate clearly what you learned during this research. • Spell-check and re-read your finished paper to make sure that it says what you think you wrote. Requirements: • Your name and date of this assignment in top left-hand corner (NOTHING ELSE! Do not include my name or the course name/number, DO NOT include a title page or abstract.) • Subject to be discussed clearly stated in the center of the top of first page. • Minimum 4 full pages, maximum 6 pages; 1-inch page margins, double spaced, 12-point font • Use at least five reputable and verifiable sources (including DVC Library database sources) • Full APA format source page that includes all sources used in this research paper. Listing only the URL for a website is not sufficient. Refer to your Annotated Bibliography assignment for APA source page format (do not include annotations in your Research Paper source page). • Your source page does not count in the page total for this research paper. • Use in-text citations (cite specific sources) for all information that is not common knowledge. DO NOT use footnotes!

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