Multicultural Ethics Quiz

What is the most significant challenge the world will be facing in the next ten years, and what are the complex ethical issues that will be raised by that challenge? One clue as to where we may be headed can be found in the materials we covered these past four weeks. Follow the possible trajectory of the issues you explored and then spend a little time researching your prediction. Here are some possibilities, but your ideas are likely to be more interesting and unique and they should be connected to some aspect of this course: Will environmental catastrophes bring unprecedented challenges? Will shifting demographics play a primary and disruptive role? Will the rise of Asia, especially China, bring new challenges? Will terrorism transform the globe even further? Will certain technological advances tax our current ability to deal with momentous changes in an ethical manner? Will the wealthy double their life expectancy, while the poor live shortened lives? Will economic inequalities continue to marginalize a majority of the world’s people? Will we have overcome the problems of race, gender, and sexual orientation only to embrace new ones – maybe related to class? Research any question that presents you/us with an interesting future ethical dilemma. You may submit your response in the form of a critical essay. The critical essay will be written in proper college format (minimum of 4 pages).

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