Music History- Baroque Era first and second practice

Why is Palestrina’s music representative of the first practice, and most of Monteverdi’s music representative of the second practice? Things to cover: Describe Palestrina’s style using the motet “Dum complerentur.” Discuss the debate between Artusi (works for the church) over the madrigal, “Cruda Amarilli” by Monteverdi. Consider Artusi’s background; why is he missing the point? Why does Gesualdo’s madrigal “Beltà, poi che t’assenti” fall between the two practices? Why does Lassus’ motet “Timor et tremor” fall between the two practices? How did later composers like Gabrieli and Schutz combine the two practices in their sacred music, and why? N.B. Make sure that you address the issue of sacred vs. secular music. Use 7 to 8 sources

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