Music Report

READ THIS CAREFULLY, DO NOT B.S. WORDS. THIS ASSIGNMENT IF ESPECIALLY FOR PEOPLE LIVE IN CALIFORNIA. You must write about two live concerts during the semester. For each concert, you must write three full pages (typed, double-spaced) on the experience. When I say three pages, please understand I don’t mean two and a half. Get all the way down to the bottom of page three. A sample concert review is available for your perusal. Please read it to get a feel for what I’m looking for. If you are unsure of the suitability of a concert, please ask. If money is an issue, there are some excellent free concerts at LACMA (classical and jazz) and around Los Angeles. Suitable concerts include: orchestral performances, operas, musicals, ballets, and jazz performances. To be safe, stick to classical music, jazz, and world music. Concerts that are NOT suitable include performances of rock, pop, hip hop, DJs, EDM, etc. We’re trying to get you to experience something that goes along with what we’re learning in the class. Ideally, you’d attend a concert that is at least an hour long and has some kind of program or list of performed pieces that you can refer to during (or after) the performance. May I suggest the following FREE local concerts: Sundays Live at LACMA (all performances in the Bing Theater at 6PM on Sundays): LACMA – Some other suggestions for places to see concerts and/or local ensembles (remember to choose MUSIC to narrow your search): USC- (click on “Arts Events”) UCLA – Cal State LA – The LA Phil – (Don’t pay full price; get student rush tickets.) Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra – Colburn School – Using the terminology discussed in class, describe your reaction to the concert. Keep the following questions in mind when you are writing your concert report. Your paper should not be a list of answers to the questions. Try to incorporate the answers to these questions into an organized, well- written essay, but remember, these are just guidelines. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your opinions. Who is/are the performer(s)? What is his or her musical background? (Often the program will have short biographies of performers or short histories of ensembles. BUT, please do not copy the bio into your ) What kind of music is being played? From what time period does the music come? What are some stylistic characteristics of the music? What kind of audience is watching the performance? Do you feel the performer did a good job? Did you notice any mistakes, any problems? Did you enjoy the concert? Explain why you did or didn’t. Be honest and fair. Write about anything else that you think was interesting about the concert. Your paper must follow all standard rules for grammar and spelling. If you hand in a paper with interesting content but which is written with poor grammar and spelling, you will receive a low grade.

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