This essay will argue either that the ideas and values in the song are good for us, as individual s and as a culture, or bad for us. The thesis has to make your opinion on this matter clear, and every body paragraph has to support your opinion. The essay has to do one or the other, not both. In this essay, the “specifics”-the support for the thesis-are quotations from the son or songs you choose. You might also be using specific examples from your experience to show the effect of these lyrics, but you’ll still need lots of quotations from the song in each body paragraph. Remember to integrate each quotation into a sentence of your own. Begin every sentence with your own words, keep the quotations short, and comment on each quotation. After each quotation, put the line number in parentheses. This essay might focus on the lyrics of just one song;or on several songs by one musician; or several songs by various musicians, but even in this case, the songs must have something in common. Your first task is to find some lyrics that strike you as either reprehensible (“bad”-dangerous to our culture in some way) or admirable (that is, helpful, constructive, to our culture in some way). Make sure that your thesis is “arguable” that is, you have to be able to imagine some reasonably intelligent, reasonably decent person willin to stand up in public and argue against you. Indeed, your essay has to “deal with the opposition,” so make sure that there is some “opposition.” Find a song that is controversial in some way. Above all, remember that the essay has to address the values the song lyrics seem to suggest. Do not write an essay about the quality of the singer’s voice or the quality of the backup musicians. Focus on the lyrics. and please dont conclude that “the song doesnt mean anything, its just a song.” thats probably not true of any song that contains real words, but if you are convinced it is, choose another song. must contain a minimum of 950 words and include at least three quotations and three paraphrases from at least two soruces. Work cited in MLA format.

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