Nature Walk Blog Post

In short, write a blog post about a hiking experience. Below, I’ll give you both the official instruction and my note on what I have done so far. Please read carefully and fully understand the instructions. Official Instruction: An important part of environmentalism is developing a personal connection with that which you are trying to preserve. Vested personal interest can increase your motivation and optimism about finding solutions. California is home to abundant natural beauty, much of which is at our fingertips in the Los Angeles area. Your task for this assignment is to go out into nature, reflect on your experiences, and contemplate what is important about it to you, and why. a. Go on a walk in nature. This can be a day hike, backpacking, time spent in observation and meditation—whatever works for you at your level of comfort and physical ability. To qualify as “nature” for the purposes of this assignment, you must be in a state or national park, forest, preserve or a registered wilderness area. b. Describe and reflect on your experience. You can do this in a blog post or photo journal, writing, pictures, video, song, or however else you care to express yourself. In your reflection, go beyond mere documentation (“I hiked X, it was Y miles. It was sunny. Etc…”), and try to think about how it affects you emotionally or spiritually. Is what you saw important to you? Is it worth working to preserve? What aspects are more important than others? Why? What gives it value to you? c. Regardless of your chosen medium, at some point on your hike, take a selfie (just to prove you were there!) My note: Of course, I already did the hike. The hike was at Los Liones trail. I will provide a Dropbox link (after you started the assignment) for you to download some photos of me hiking so you can get a feel of what it looks like. Here is a link to the Yelp website (, where you can see much more photos of other people doing the hike and enjoying the journey and the view. REMEMBER, don’t simply write the process of the hike, focus on part b of the assignment. If you have had a hiking experience before, that should be very helpful. Let me know if you need anything from me, and I’ll respond asap.

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