Negotiating Cultural Differences in Working with Clients

critically reflect upon what you have learned in the course, and how this information might shape the ways in which you interact with other cultures and groups in your personal and professional life. If you plan on being a health care practitioner, tell me how these topics have (or have not) shifted your perspectives on practitioner-client interactions. What module/reading/discussion/video did you find to be the most informative? Which did you find to be the least helpful or insightful? What was the most surprising thing you learned? What challenged you? If you feel as though you did not learn anything new in the class, that’s ok too, but please explain. While this is a personal reflection, I want you to effectively use key concepts from the course about culturally competent health care. Use the terms presented in the readings and activities to explain what you have learned. Make sure to apply principles and concepts covered in class with abstract thought and introspection. The tone should not be autobiographical or read like a journal entry; it should be a critical essay reviewing the content of the course and what the content means to health care practitioners and patients as well. Keep the tone and voice of the essay formal. This assignment must be typed and double-spaced. Please use 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and complete sentences. It should be 2-4 pages long. The point is to succinctly summarize the key aspects of Culture and Health Care and tell me what you learned. Cite any readings or videos to which you refer in your paper using APA style.

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