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The News articles must be relevant to the topics attached. Select a topic covered in the course and find at least 3 relating articles found in the news. The articles must have been written in the last two years. Type at least 850 words describing the importance of the articles, your thoughts and opinions about the findings, how the articles pertain to the course. I must be able to connect the details from all 3 articles. Your article review must contain at least 5 paragraphs including an Introductory paragraph and a Concluding paragraph. You must include your name, course name, semester and year at the top of your first page. You must provide a Title to your assignment and placed at the center of your first page. References should be in APA format and found at the last page of your article review. If found online, you must also provide the Website’s URL as noted on APA format. Sources: Yahoo news, Google news, News360, NewScientists, ScienceNews, BBC, CNN. • All other sources must be check with me to ensure your articles are reliable The articles must be original. No plagiarism. Do not copy any phrase straight from the articles. No more than 15% of your article review may have direct quotes.

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