NJ Senate or Assembly bill introduced in the 2014-2018 legislative sessions related to nursing or healthcare.

Legislative Assignment: 20% of Final Grade Guidelines: Select a New Jersey Senate or Assembly bill introduced in the 2014-2018 legislative sessions related to nursing or healthcare. The bill should hold significance for the safety, health and welfare of the public. A copy of the bill must be handed in with the paper. Prepare a 5- 7-page scholarly paper to include the following: Describe and discuss the New Jersey legislative process and the difference between the state and assembly versions of the bill. Discuss your rationale for choosing this legislation. Describe the impact this legislation will have on the health and welfare of the public. Critically compare and contrast the benefits and limitations of the legislation. Is there a financial impact statement attached to the bill? If so, what are the implications of the financial impact statement? Critically discuss your own view and position on this legislation. Discuss how other healthcare stakeholders may view this legislation. Are they in support? Why or why not? If you were to contact impacted stakeholders, who would you contact to request their position? For example: the American Nurses Association, New Jersey Nurses Association, New Jersey Hospital Association, School Nurses Association etc.… Discuss how this legislation will impact nurses and the nursing profession. In addition, please identify the congressman, state senator and two assembly people from your own district. Your paper must adhere to APA format and please submit a copy of the turn it in report along with one copy of the paper. You must include contact information of the stakeholders related to the bill: groups that are involved in the implementation of the bill or are affected by the bill. You must cite the bill and document any communications you have with sponsors and stakeholders in your paper per APA format. In addition, you must submit the paper to Turnitin. A copy of the “Originality Report” must be attached to the hard copy you hand in. PLEASE ATTACH THE LINK BILL YOU CHOOSE!

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