Nonverbal flirting behaviors: Differences and similarities among men and women

How do you write a Literature Review? Summarize, organize, and explain what research has been done on the topic, citing the sources as you mention them. Point out the different ways researchers have treated the topic. Point out any connections between the sources especially where one source built upon prior study. Explain how this past work fits together and where scholars believe future research is headed. The purpose of a literature review is to critically analyze a significant body of a published research/knowledge. This is accomplished through summary, classification, and comparison of prior research studies and theoretical articles. Note that a literature review does NOT provide one journal article summary after another. Rather it provides organized, integrated, synthesized, and analyzed research on a topic. You will be required to write a literature review on a specific (pre-approved) nonverbal communication topic. This paper is to be presented in proper APA format (with the exception that it must be single spaced NOT double spaced) and it should be a MINIMUM of five (5) full single spaced pages in length (not including the title page and the references page) using a minimum of 8 current, scholarly sources primarily in the form of scholarly journal articles. This paper should expand your knowledge of the subject area, clearly demonstrate your vast understanding of the topic to the professor and provide readers with the most current, scholarly research on the topic. I must approve your topic before you begin to gather your research (scholarly journal articles). The literature requires you to: • select a nonverbal communication topic to research (you must receive my approval before you begin your research on your topic) • provide an APA title page • include an introduction section (uses a compelling attention getter that generates interest in the topic, stresses the importance of the subject matter, defines terms, and includes a clear preview -including the subtopics you will cover) 1/2 page in length • provide a body section that is well organized with sub-sections of the various important aspects of your topics that are properly cited with in-text citations (use subheadings to organize the body of your paper -each subsection is well supported with several sources) 4 pages in length • end with your conclusion -identifies strengths and weaknesses of the studies that you have reviewed and indicates where the research is headed in the future (provides closure to your paper) 1/2 page in length -be sure to label your conclusion • provide a list of references in proper APA format (on a separate page entitled “References”) • Note the page requirements above and adhere to them. You may be over the page requirement for each section, but not under. • Make sure the vast majority of your literature review is paraphrased (use direct quotations sparingly). • You may site the text, but you still need the additional 8 (minimum) scholarly sources- primarily in the form of current, scholarly journal articles for the school’s library (I will forward the articles listed below). • include an in-text citation for every source found on the references page (4 point deduction for every source found on the reference page that is not cited in the body of the paper with a proper in-text citation) • use relevant subheadings to organize your topic and your submission • use past tense (their results showed) or present perfect tense (studies have demonstrated) in the literature review.” • use the third person and thus I should NOT see the words “I”, “me”, “my”, etc. in your literature review. Instead you would state “The author…” • The topics that you are examining are in the social sciences rather than the hard sciences and thus you should not use the word proves/proven/prove. Social scientists gather evidence and their examine the evidence/observations to see it supports their theory. Thus theories are supported/not supported rather than proved or disproved.

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