Nursing personal statement. Need it done by SUNDAY!!!

In support of your application, please write an original 1-2 page essay to address the following: 1. A description of your future professional goals? 2. Why you believe this program will help you achieve the goals you have explained? 3. Why you are applying to Holy Family University? Above is the criteria for the essay. It is a personal statement for nursing. I want the essay to talk about my transition from graduating college in exercise science, becoming a personal trainer. Even though I enjoyed training, I felt like doing more and was searching for the career that would motivate me to be the best version of myself. After going on a trip to my homeland of Nigeria in Sept. I saw the poor healthcare system and my Nigerian people suffering was very sad. At the same exact time my father was hospitalized for kidney, a situation I was completely helpless in. This gave me a desire and urge to make a tangible difference in my community and for the people who need it. While also gain the skills and vast knowledge to be able to help my loved ones.. This is what I want to talk about in my nursing statement. I also attached below examples of similar nursing statements and situations

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