Option #1: Project Management Office: Implementation Recommendation

12-15 pages due by 7-7-19 by 10am. Attached is the framework to begin the paper. The purpose of the Portfolio Project is to synthesize current research about the project management office (PMO) and develop a recommendation for implementing a PMO in an organization. The final Portfolio Project is structured to help you demonstrate an understanding of the course material, as well as the implications of new knowledge gained from outside research. For your Portfolio Project, you are required to select a subject organization for developing a PMO implementation recommendation. The subject organization may be your workplace, an organization that you are familiar with, or an organization that is based on your research. The subject organization must evidence the characteristics and attributes of a viable candidate for benefiting from a PMO. As part of the initial Portfolio Project Assignment due in Module 5, you must secure instructor approval for the organization selected for your Portfolio Project. Based on analysis of your subject organization, write a recommendation for implementing a PMO that is supported by PMO best practices and standards. When writing the implementation recommendation, assume the role of a highly regarded, project management professional commissioned to review, analyze, and develop the necessary requirements for the implementation of a successful project management office. Your implementation recommendation should address the following key elements: Subject organization information: Organization name Organization mission, vision, and values statement Industry type and organization demographics Organization culture Executive sponsor and key stakeholders PMO business case: Extant project management assessment: Project management methods Project management tools Project management experience Project management maturity Perceived PMO benefits for the organization: Overarching business rationale Long term measurable goals (3-4) First year specific goals and metrics Quantified value proposition (short and long term) PMO Mission and Vision: PMO mission and vision statement Alignment with organization mission and vision PMO stakeholders PMO Charter: Business purpose Business alignment and affiliation Empowerment authority Fiscal management Charter approval PMO Recommendation: PMO type PMO structure PMO culture PMO staffing PMO project methods PMO project tools PMO governance PMO risk management PMO business integration Other relevant PMO considerations Your essay should meet the following requirements: Your properly- and well-written PMO implementation recommendation paper should be 12-15 pages in length. Format your paper per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. (Links to an external site.) Include a title and a reference page. Cite at least six current scholarly resources, available from the CSU-Global library, to support your assertions. One of the sources may be your textbook. Include an appendix for tables and figures.

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