Students are to write a casenote using the template below and case study provided. It is expected that students will use the Casenote guide provided in class to complete this task. 400 words max. (30%)
Casenote – Marina Heights Community Health Service
Name of client:
Address & contact details of client
Presenting problem:
Referral source: Self/ other:
If other please name:
Reason for referral
Date of client interview:
Outline client’s key concerns
Outline other concerns, if any
What goals have been identified to address concerns? Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 3

What actions or strategies are proposed to achieve the identified goals? Action/strategy Action/strategy Action/strategy

Agreed date and time of next appointment /contact with client
Date of casenote: Worker name:

31) Purpose
Our course has explored of a wide variety of people and styles involved in sex, dance, entertainment and art. And there are so many other innovators/innovations we haven’t considered. Who, where or what style in these fields are are you interested in knowing more about?
For this assignment, select a person, place or style NOT covered in this course and explain/justify your choice in terms of history, sex, dance, entertainment and/or art. Make the case for your choice to possibly be included in this course in the future.
1. Select and research your topic.
2. Explain how your topic connects to each of these areas: history, sex, dance, entertainment and/or art. Use at least one slide per above mentioned area. Use at least one video in your presentation. Creativity combined with visual impact will be part of the grade. Judicious use of images (photos, drawings, etc.) that clarify and/or illuminate is encouraged. The numbers of images used is not the point; be selective.
3. Compile your sources in a bibliography, using the citation style (Links to an external site.) of your choice, for the end of the presentation.
4. Create a presentation using your choice of software: PowerPoint (Links to an external site.), Prezi (Links to an external site.), Google Slides (Links to an external site.), or Keynote (Links to an external site.) or video editing software (iMovie (Links to an external site.) or Windows Movie Maker (Links to an external site.)). (Note that the links to the software lead to instructions on their use.) You are responsible for choosing and using the software without assistance from the instructor. Your submitted file must open easily on a basic, current computer connected to the Internet without any add-ons, extensions, conversions, updates, etc. The file type should be either .ppt or .pdf, or the URL of your video uploaded to YouTube.If you use the .pdf file type, know that transitions and videos will not run/display. Make sure any privacy settings allow easy and free access. If you have ANY questions about software, do not contact the instructor — contact the IT help desk at 702-895-0777 or [email protected].
• Maximum: 10 slides or 1.5 minutes for videos
• The attached sample .ppt is solely for illustrative purposes. Do not use it if you make a PowerPoint!
• Check your presentation several times to ensure it functions correctly — you may want to email the file or link to yourself and open it on another computer — and does not have any watermark or any extraneous slides. Attachments:

33) Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a dataset that has been produced as a result of the survey you conducted on Climate Change. You now need to interrogate the dataset in order to answer questions posed by your client, the Australian Government. Ultimately, you will need to analyse the data, interpret the results, and then draw appropriate conclusions.
The Australian Government has previously commissioned you, Ellyse Perry (Chief Analyst at Survey House), to develop a survey to help them gauge the views of the Australian public regarding “Climate Change”. Now, in order to implement possible Climate Change policy initiatives, the Government, through their representative Daisy Pearce (Manager, Public Relations in the Prime Minister’s Office), wants you to interpret the data gathered from your survey and then answer several questions.
Daisy does not have an analytics background, so it’s important that you utilise “plain, easy to understand language” in your answers. If you believe you need to include any technical terms, then you must explain these in a clear and succinct manner.

34) 1. Describe the concept of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety (20-50 words). 2. Describe how cultural safety is related to cultural awareness (20-50 words) 3. Describe how cultural safety is related to cultural competence (20-50 words)

35) 1 Provide an outline of the cost-benefits analysis method.
2 Describe each of the following types of innovation:
? Incremental innovation
? Disruptive innovation
? Architectural innovation
? Radical innovation
3 Describe Schumpeter’s theory of innovation including the five types of innovations described in the theory.
4 List the basic elements of the concept of creativity
5 List the five organisational learning principles.
6 List three quality management and continuous improvement theories.

36) Imagine you are leading the introduction of a beginning teacher mentoring program at an educational institution. Your task is to lead the development of mentors, so they have the skills and knowledge to mentor beginning teacher effectively. As part of this task you are asked to DESIGN two resources:
1. An 8-10 slide PowerPoint (PPT) introducing mentoring of beginning teachers to the mentors and mentees. The PPT should include: a. A definition and the benefits of mentoring b. Key considerations for mentoring beginning teachers c. An example of an effective mentoring session (this may be an excerpt from a transcript, YouTube clip, recorded example) with a analysis of why it is effective d. Some useful professional readings for mentors and mentees e. Speaking notes on each slide which include key points that would be discussed when presenting the slide f. Reference list

37) Summarise the neurophysiological evidence for the right hemisphere differing from the left hemisphere in holistic processing, with special reference to facial recognition

38) Topic: Discuss and critically evaluate the role of anxiety in academic
Word Limit: 1500 words. There is no 10% leeway on this limit. In- text
references are included in the word count, but not the reference list.
The literature review must also have a separate title page (with author byline)
and abstract (preferably no longer than 100 words).

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