PBL Topic

Once your group has chosen its PBL topic, each member of the group will contribute to and share the research. Then each individual will report on the group’s findings using the Report structure and template provided. 1. Read/watch the suggested resources that have been provided to you. As you read/watch, take notes. It is recommended that you use the Cornell notes structure. 2. Complete further research, as needed, to help you complement the resources that have been provided. 3. Begin to plan your report using the documents called PBL Report structure guidance for students and Report structure and template. (You will find these in the LMS). 4. As you complete your initial planning, take note of remaining gaps in your research. 5. Complete remaining research and start to plan your report. 6. Consult with your teacher, as needed, during the research and planning stages. 7. Write a first draft of your report; don’t forget to include citations and a reference list. 8. Proof-read and edit and get some peer feedback on the first draft of your report. 9. Submit your draft report to your teacher, via Turn It In, for feedback. 10. Use the feedback from your teacher, and peers, to review and edit your report. 11. Complete a final proof-read and edit of your report before the final submission. Reminders/Tips for the report process: • While the Report structure might be a new skill and text type that you are learning, you can still use the TEEL structure for your paragraphs. • It is advised that group members help one another with the peer drafting of the report. This will allow you to talk with each other about the research and help you to prepare for the group components of the Project (Part B).

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