Peopling of the Americas

Instructions: Your paper must be 3 to 5 FULL pages in length, 12-point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins. A minimum page length= minimum passing grade!!! You must utilize at least 2 of the references listed at the bottom of this handout, PLUS ADD AT LEAST TWO ADDITIONAL REFERENCES!!! A “Works Cited” page is required and must be properly formatted. DO NOT PLAGERIZE INFORMATION. All references must be cited within the text. This assignment must be submitted ON BLACKBOARD (Save as a Word document, then upload file)!!! Topic Discuss the “Peopling of the Americas”. Select ONE of the options below to write your paper. 1. Compare and contrast the theories regarding the occupation of the Americas. 2. Choose one theory and discuss in detail. 3. Choose one site and discuss in detail. 4. Choose one line of evidence and discuss in detail. 5. Or some other topic that is related to the same discussion. Sources (Choose at least 2): Bever, Michael R. 2006 Too Little, Too Late? The Radiocarbon Chronology of Alaska and the Peopling of the New World. American Antiquity 71: 595-620. Fiedel, Stuart J. 2004 The Kennewick Follies: “New” Theories about the Peopling of the Americas. Journal of Anthropological Research 60:75-110. Gibbons, Ann 1996 The Peopling of the Americas. Science 274: 31-33. Goebel, Ted, Michael R. Waters, and Margarita Dikova 2003 The Archaeology of Ushki Lake, Kamchatka, and the Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas. Science 301: 501-505. Hill, Matthew E. 2006 Before Folsom: The 12 Mile Creek Site and the Debate Over the Peopling of the Americas. The Plains Anthropologist 51:141-156. Meltzer, David J. 1997 Monte Verde and the Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas. Science 276: 754-755 Nettle, Daniel 1999 Linguistic Diversity of the Americas Can be Reconciled with Recent Colonization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 96: 3325-3329. Roosevelt, A. C., M. Lima da Costa, C. Lopes Macahdo, M. Michab, N. Mercier, et al. 1996 Paleoindian Cave Dwellers in the Amazon: The Peopling of the Americas. Science 272: 373-384. Schurr, Theodore G. 2000 Mitochondial DNA and the Peopling of the New World. American Scientist 88:246-253. Swedlund, Alan, and Duane Anderson 1999 Gordon Creek Woman Meets Kennewick Man: New Interpretations and Protocols Regarding the Peopling of the Americas. American Antiquity 64: 569-576.

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