Poetry assignment on On My first Son by Ben Jonson and O Captain! My Captain! By Walt Whitman

Compare the theme of “On My first Son” by Ben Jonson and “O captain! My Captain by Walt Whitman”. Contrast the form (Genre and Conventions) and style (Rhythm, meter, sound, Poetic devices, figurative language, imagery ,symbols) of each poem – Write carefully a constructed essay with a clear thesis and topic sentences. -Support argument with direct quotations from both poems. Each body paragraph will require a minimum of two or three specific examples form each poem. Each quotation must be followed by a parent hi cal page reference (MLA format). – Consider how these two poems with similar themes or concerns are expressed with similar/different use of meter, Rhythm, Rhyme,sound devices,tone,imagery,figurative language, verse form. -Consider how the zeitgeist (spirit f the age) may have affected the style, form and content

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