political intervention, economy, and govement intervention

Political Intervention, Political Economy, and Government Intervention The following course outcome is addressed in this Assignment: PP640-3: Evaluate public policy decisions and actions based on integration of the strengths and weaknesses of political and market solutions. The understanding of how the government’s behavior and economic forces impacts markets is important in the discussion of public sector economics. The Readings in this unit give you an idea of when some scholars think the government should regulate the economy. For this Assignment, you will be looking at the impact these interventions and regulations have on markets and describing the resulting outcomes. Based on the Reading in this unit and class, as well as your own research, please write a 5–7 page paper that: Identifies at least six government interventions that affect markets Provides an example of how each of these items impacts markets Discusses the desirability of these interventions Use standard APA format and cite your sources correctly.

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