population control

How has the birth control pill altered sexuality and feminine gender expectations?
• A definition of population control and examples.
• A description of how population control could help or harm a society (examples)
• Your thoughts on the “One Child” policy. Would it work in the US?

73) Describe the experience in your memory in as much detail as you can. What happened? What things did you see? What sounds do you remember hearing? What do you remember touching, smelling, tasting? How did you feel physically? How did you feel, emotionally?
Paragraph 2: Describe the contribution of the hippocampus to your memory. What input did the hippocampus get from the senses, sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, movement? How was your body feeling at the time? What was the mood? How did the hippocampus make this memory? Tell about episodic memories that were made.
Paragraph 3: Describe the contribution of the amygdala to your memory. What feelings were input? Tell about the emotional memory that was made.

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