postoperative assignment

Mr. K. is a 62-year-old man who lives

alone. He was admitted 4 days ago to an

extended-care facility on his third

postoperative day from a right total

knee replacement for care and

rehabilitation until he can safely care for

himself at home. He is prescribed

hydrocodone with acetaminophen

(Vicodin) for pain control. The

prescription reads: “Vicodin (5 mg

hydrocodone; 300 mg acetaminophen)

one to two tablets every 4 to 6 hours as

needed for pain.” He tells you that

overall, his pain is not bad except when

he comes back from physical therapy.

Then it is “really roaring.” He also says

he tries to take the drug just at that time

so that he does not become addicted.

1. What type of pain is he having?

2. How will you know the severity of

“really roaring” pain?

3. What specific type of drug is


4. What type of change(s) could be

made in drug delivery with the

current prescription to help relieve

his pain more effectively? .

5. What will you tell him about his

potential for addiction?

6. If he were to receive two Vicodin

tablets every 4 hours around the

clock, what would be his total dose

of acetaminophen for the day?

Please answer these questions in an

integrated essay that should be about 2


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