PowerPoint – Harry Potter Overview and Relation to AppDynamics APM Software

Harry Potter PowerPoint and relation to APM Software I.e AppDynamics (Application Performance Monitoring System) – Presentation should be 30 minutes long (roughly 30 slides) 1. What is Harry Potter? (I.e Who wrote the books? What were the revenue made off each book sold? When did each movie come out? How much revenue did each movie make?) For the slide for books and movies, please make a separate bar graph with the revenue on the left side and the books/movies listed at the bottom to show a visual on which book/movie made the most 2. What is the brief history of Harry Potter? (Who were the founders of each house? What is the sorting hat? What are the attributes of each house? Who were the main characters of Harry Potter and what house were they in? Make sure to have a character example for each of the 4 houses and What is Quidditch and each position of the Quidditch team?) 3. How many people in the world like Harry Potter? (How many people use Pottermore.com? How many people travel to Universal Studios each year? How much does Universal Studios Profit? What Retail Stores can you find Harry Potter Merchandise in? How many team are there apart of Usquidditch.org and where was the last Quidditch World Cup held?) 4. How can AppDynamics APM Software be of value for the following examples? (Pottermore.com – site Harry Potter fans visit to get sorted into houses and read new stories about Harry Potter to keep the magic alive, Universal Studios Harry Potter Theme Park, usquidditch.org – team sign up and standing site, and a retail store example you provided above and how AppDynamics can help track the sales and keep online ordering website up. Make sure to note specific AppDynamic Modules you can use for each Please include an image for each slide or a bar graph when discussing revenue

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