Program Evaluation

Assignment due next Friday the 17th, by 5pm. I need a 3 page introduction and program descriptions on the nationwide agency YWCA. You must write about everything there is to know about the YWCA and all of there health and wellness programs. This is the start of a 15 page paper. My portion is introduction and program descriptions. You do not have to worry about a title page and a reference page, go straight into writing the information. I will need 3 sources/ references in APA format from any online sources/websites/books/newspapers/magazines you use. Words and fonts should be 12 and times new roman, double spaced with Introduction centered and program description centered. Please make in text citations and provide 3 references at the end of page 3. All 3 pages, references and citations should be in APA format. If you are not familiar with APA format do not accept this assignment please. This is a graduate level paper and it should reflect as such. I will not except anything less. I have provided the topic and information as a guide for you, as this is what the entire 15 page paper will cover. Again this is a group paper, my peers and i are completing. I only have the first 3 pages , which will consist of the introduction and program descriptions. There should be 3 full pages with references at the very end of the 3 page.

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