Proposing a Solution with Alternative Fuel Sources

Objectives: Apply the problem solving method to a problem regarding your research manuscript topic. Instructions: The framing guide of your paper should be Alternative Fuel Sources and follow the directions/prompts of the uploaded file. The paper should follow the paper guidelines; size 12 font, “Times New Roman” font, and a minimum of 3 cited references. In this document, write an essay in which you apply the five-step problem-solving method to a local, national or international problem related to your topic. You will have to do some research and locate several articles that provide background information about and discussion of the problem. Make sure to apply the information found in your lectures and readings. Make sure to properly cite all sources in APA and have a minimum of 3 properly cited references in APA format. Assignment Details: The use of outside resources is strongly recommended and all papers must have no less than 3 referenced sources be cited and written in APA format.

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