provide a concise yet comprehensive comparison of hotmaths, khan academy and scootle

Assignment (2100 words total) During the course of this unit you will be using HOTmaths, Khan Academy, and the Scootle Digital Repository as the source of mathematical content and pedagogical strategies. Your task is to provide a concise yet comprehensive comparison of these three resources. Your essay should clearly demonstrate your familiarity with the three resources, how each is linked to/how well it addresses the Australian Curriculum, how each can be used for teaching and for tracking student progress. (1500 words) Choose two specific resources from each of HOTmaths, Khan Academy, and Scootle, and write a brief overview of the resource and how it will be useful in your teaching. (6 x 100 words = 600 words) Example #1 Practice: Midpoint Formula (Khan Academy) In this exercise students must identify the midpoint of a line segment given the coordinates of its endpoints, or the second endpoint from the midpoint and first endpoint. Points may be located in all four quadrants so students must understand positive and negative coordinates, and answers may include decimals. A plot of the given points is provided to assist students with each problem. The exercise addresses ACMNA294 “Find the midpoint and gradient of a line segment on the Cartesian plane” (Year 9). Students must correctly complete three examples before they can move on. (Word count: 99 words) Example #2 Monster Choir: Look and Listen (Scootle) Students can use the Monster Choir to explore sequences with two or three repeating elements represented using circles, squares, and triangles. Each monster makes a unique sound and students must click on monsters in order to match the given sequence. Monster Choir is appropriate for basic work on patterns in early childhood settings. It addresses ACMNA018 “Investigate and describe number patterns formed by skip-counting and patterns with objects” (Year 1 level) and is one of a series of three learning objects. Headphones may be necessary in order to avoid distracting other students. (Word count: 91 words)

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