Psychology/philosophical argumentative assignment (articles attached)

Wundt took a more strict and rigorous approach to psychology than James and recognized that scientific experimentation could not address all potential questions about psychology. To get around this issue, Wundt conducted research using two separate approaches: experimental methods in the laboratory, as well as his Volkerpsycholgie. Describe the limitations Wundt saw in experimental methods and why these limitations might pose a problem for psychology. Be sure to also address the following in your answer: How does Wundt distinguish between mediate and immediate experience? Given his use of analogy and metaphor, which of these types of experience would James have found most interesting and why? cannot be more than 350 words only the two articles attached should be used the majority of the assignment should be from the articles, i.e. should include references from the articles must be done within the next 4-6 hours

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