Quanative Analysis

Using the attached documents and a spreadsheet that I must email since it’s larger than 15mb, an essay must be written to the following rubric. Writings must include the following: 1.1: Organize document or presentation clearly in a manner that promotes understanding and meets the requirements of the assignment. 1.2: Develop coherent paragraphs or points so that each is internally unified and so that each functions as part of the whole document or presentation. 1.4: Tailor communications to the audience. 1.5: Use sentence structure appropriate to the task, message and audience. 1.6: Follow conventions of Standard Written English. 3.1: Identify numerical or mathematical information that is relevant in a problem or situation. 3.2: Employ mathematical or statistical operations and data analysis techniques to arrive at a correct or optimal solution. 3.3: Analyze mathematical or statistical information, or the results of quantitative inquiry and manipulation of data. 3.4: Employ software applications and analytic tools to analyze, visualize, and present data to inform decision-making.

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