Quantitative Data Handling using IBM SPSS Statistics

This assignment comprises data taken from a research project. You will have to demonstrate your ability to conduct appropriate statistical analyses for the data sets given using IBM SPSS software. Please answer all questions within each scenario, as instructed, in a separate word file. – Criteria to meet: 1) Test the data for parametric assumptions. Report the findings as appropriate, including histograms, z-scores (skewedness and kurtosis) for each variable, and equal variance. Present the information in table format. (25 marks) 2) Calculate descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency and dispersion as appropriate) for the sample and present them in a table as appropriate. (5 marks) 3) Correlate, and show any significant relationships between, peak power output, relative power output, and mean power output within each group. Give details of the test used, the correlation coefficient, and corresponding p value (20 marks) 4) Graphically represent any significant correlations that you find, reporting the linearity of the correlation. Include axis and graph titles (20 marks) 5) Identify appropriate test(s) to be used to calculate inferential statistics for difference testing and explain why this is the correct test(s). (10 marks) 6) Run the difference test identified in question 5 and report the results from the appropriate analysis with evidence of analyses (tables). Output from SPSS should go in appendices (20 marks) DEADLINE – 15th February 2018 @ 11:59PM

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