SOPHIA_UNIT 5 PRACTICE MILESTONE_INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY Many schools are reconsidering which holidays to observe. This is an example of which of the following functions of schooling? • Social pla cement • Social integration • Socialization • Latent function CONCEPT Functions of Schooling 2 Phil is conducting research on Americans’ use of social media sites and the impact they have on U.S. society. This is an example of studying technology at the __________ . • post-modern level • structural-functional level • macro-level • micro-level CONCEPT Technology 3 Which of the following describes functional illiteracy? • Knowledge of the basic skills required for everyday life • A deficiency in the basic knowledge required for everyday life • Access to resources that meet fundamental educational needs CONCEPT School Problems 4 Which of the following occurs during the early industrial stage of demographic transition theory? • Birth and death rates remain high. • Population grows slowly, or decreases. • Birth rates remain high, while death rates decrease. • Birth and death rates decline. CONCEPT Malthusian Theory and Demographic Transition Theory 5 Industrialization caused many people to move to cities for work. During which period did this significant increase in urban growth occur? • Urban decentralization • Colonial settlement • Metropolitan era CONCEPT US Cities 6 Which of the following statements about social change is FALSE? • Social movements have historically had a major effect on social change. • Inequality is a major influence on social change. • Progress is the same for all people. • The distribution of people can greatly affect social change. CONCEPT Individuals and Modernity 7 The debate over __________ focuses on whether increases in global temperature are caused primarily by human-created greenhouse gas emissions, or by other factors. • global warming • the demographic divide • urbanization • environmental racism CONCEPT Sociological Understanding of the Environment 8 Which type of social movement works to completely change society as a whole? • Redemptive social movement • Alternative social movement • Reformative social movement • Revolutionary social movement CONCEPT Social Movements 9 Chelsea lives in the city, where life is fast-paced, and most of the people she encounters are strangers. Sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies would refer to the kind of environment in which Chelsea lives as an example of __________ . • gesellschaft • gemeinschaft • pre-modernism • community CONCEPT Ferdinand Tonnies 10 Substantial, long-term damage to the natural environment as a result of society’s focus on short-term profit is called __________ . • environmental bankruptcy • I-PAT inequality • environmental racism • environmental deficit CONCEPT Environmental Concepts 11 Sociologists have identified a significant gap in life expectancy between the United States’ richest and poorest communities. This kind of research is an example of __________ . • environmental health • healthcare • social epidemiology • holistic medicine CONCEPT Health 12 Which of the following sociologists argued that the detached nature of urban interaction, along with increased diversity, make urban populations more open to change than rural communities? • Louis Wirth • David Riesman • Ferdinand Tonnies • Georg Simmel CONCEPT Louis Wirth and Urban Ecology 13 John Dewey argued that education should be linked to what is happening in the world and relevant to the learner. This concept is called __________ . • mandatory education • equal opportunity • progressive education • public education CONCEPT Education and Schooling 14 The sociological subfield that analyzes the physical movement of society, as well as the characteristics of population and growth, is called __________ . • demography • globalization • a population pyramid • urban ecology CONCEPT Population Growth 15 How did Jonathan Kozol develop his insights about social inequality and the school system? • He taught at inner-city schools and saw how bad they were, and read about state funding to suburban schools. • He taught at a suburban school, but attended an inner-city school as a student. • He taught at both inner-city and suburban schools, and observed the disparities between them. • He was a great sociologist who conducted interviews with teachers and students. CONCEPT Jane Elliot and Jonathan Kozol 16 According to __________ , social movements develop because of access to resources. • culture theory • resource mobilization theory • deprivation theory • new social movement theory CONCEPT Social Movement Theories 17 Following the agricultural revolution, why were cities so important? • Cities were important centers for religious gatherings. • Cities were important social locations where governments regulated trade. • Cities were important centers of trade. • Cities were important places for slaves who grew crops. CONCEPT Global Population

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