Radical and Ethnic disparity in united state prisons

Topic: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons You shall create a modified annotated bibliography of ten (10) different secondary sources that relate to your topic.These sources should be peer reviewed articles or book chapters. NOT book reviews or non-peer reviewed articles or websites, nor should they be random papers found in the web, interviews, lectures or personal narratives. They may not be newspapers, magazines (ex. Time or US News and World Report, America, Commonweal, etc.) and/or pamphlets. You must be engaging the theological world in discussions that are, at minimum, university level. The “modified” aspect of the bibliography is that each entry should be a detailed outline of the arguments given in the article. Along with this should be an analysis of how this article will help you understand the topic better. You should answer the following questions in your MAB: How does this article understand “Justice”? (if it discusses it explicitly) How does this article understand “Mercy”? (if it discusses it explicitly) Does it apply the terms properly in the situations the author uses in examples? How does this understanding of Justice or Mercy fit in with the Catholic understanding of Justice or Mercy? (your analysis of the authors work)

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