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1) If rapes take place in jails and prisons among men, what are the root causes for these types of sexual violence? 2) Define the following terms: rape kit, statutory rape, and posttraumatic stress disorder. 3) Under what circumstances, if any, should the identity of a woman who has been raped be made public? 4) Discuss the pros and cons of trying to reduce rape risks by convincing girls and women to alter their behavior. 5) Describe the particular problems faced by victims of hate crimes. 6) How serious is the problem of cyber-stalking in your opinion? 7) What might be the most effective strategies to safeguard the lives of police officers? 8) Outline the maximalist and minimalist positions on the issue of acquaintance rape on campus, including drug-facilitated rapes. 1) Explain how restitution can serve many distinct purposes. 2) Review the advantages and disadvantages victims face when they sue offenders in civil court. 3) Why are third-party lawsuits potentially lucrative to victims, but also highly controversial? 4) Summarize the arguments that favor the establishment of victim compensation funds. 5) Explain how certain rights might be considered to be gained at the expense of either criminals or criminal justice officials, depending on the way victims exercise them. 6) Argue both sides of the debate over whether victims would be better off, if they were armed, as in the “right to bear arms.” 7) Compare and contrast the principles of retributive justice and restorative justice. 8) From a victim’s point-of-view, what are the potential benefits and drawbacks of participating in a victim-offender reconciliation program? 3. Draw up a comprehensive checklist of all the victim-oriented services that could and should be offered by a user-friendly police department. Rate your local department on how well it provides each form of assistance and support to crime victims. 1. Draw up a checklist of all the ways a prosecutor’s office can provide assistance and support to victims of violent crimes. Find out what services are offered by the district attorney’s office in your jurisdiction, and compare the two lists. research possible reasons why the proportion of rapes reported to the police has not improved over the decades, according to NCVS figures. What are your beliefs and opinions, concerning this topic? Were you surprised by your reading and researched information? Why or why not? (250 word) Discuss a news item or event that has arisen within the past month that has relevance to this cours (crime victims such as rape victims). Include the following: o Topic o Date o Source which may include, radio, television, newspaper, internet, etc. o Summary of the news item o Conclusions or commentary about relevance to the content of this course (250 word)

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