Reasoned Action Theory & Elaboration Likelihood Model

For the persuasion model comparison paper , you will be asked to apply two of the persuasive theories stated in title. Connect to a real-world communication act or artifact (e.g., any campaign is a great place to start, however we can work on ideas.) 3-4 PGS DOUBLE SPACED APA FORMAT The paper should: a) effectively describe 2 theories of persuasion; b) describe a communication act; c) apply the persuasive theories specified; d) identify which theory is better used for this communication act; e) evaluate the communication act or artifact on its persuasive effect (use the theories you have selected to guide you in this discussion). The purpose of this paper is to attempt to anchor theoretical concepts with real-world communication situations and examples, to determine the situational accuracy of such theories. See chart attached Need to be completed by Sunday 7/30 at 6 PM Pacific stand time

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