Reconstruction of Implied Situational Understanding(s) in a Rhetorical Act

For this assignment, you need to start by selecting a speech, advertisement, movie, or other rhetorical composition that you think either works well (or poorly) at achieving a rhetorical goal. The aim of the assignment is for you to reconstruct (in a sense, backwards) the possible perception of the rhetorical situation that may have provided a basis for the rhetorical choices made in preparing and presenting that message. In other words, as Richard Toye might say, what did the rhetor believe about the situation (and audience) to have acted the way that he or she did? Based on your understanding and analysis of the composition or presentation, discuss plausible perceptions by the rhetor of situational exigence, audience, and constraints. Explain how or why you infer those possible perceptions from the historical context and rhetorical choices. Final essay length (4-6 pages). A good-faith rough draft will have the following: A thought-provoking and focused title An introduction that ends in a recognizable and clear thesis turn, Section headings for all the main parts you plan for the essay, A conclusion, with a complete summary of what you anticipate will be your main arguments and a clinching closing line, A list of at least three quality works cited that you actually make use of in your analysis.

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