Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse in the City of Milwaukee Brewery Ecological Building

The reduce doc is the beginning of the project. Still missing some points and needs editing and proofreading. The guideline doc is my some important points from the reading . The 2017 document is were most of the information was taken. I can add more information if need it Project Description:The Sustainability Project will help students conceptualize, develop, and present a practical solution to a sustainability problem or an activity.Projects are to be selected where there is sufficient data available through direct discussions with stakeholders, published news reports and/or accessible public data (see sample project links on last page).Project Assignment:Sustainability Projects are designed to analyze practicality of sustainability principles in the operation andmanagement of local municipal activities, projects, processing of products and/or services from a global perspective. Each project team will focus their assessment on oneof the following sustainability principles as specified for each project:-Four-Rs principle-Precautionary principle -Polluters Pay principle-Harvesting and Recovery principles-Eco-efficiency principleOnce the team selects a sustainability principle for their project, the team leader should inform the instructor via email for acknowledgement and approval. Project teams will analyze the municipal project/problem with respect to one sustainability principle and assess whether the selected project does practice the principle or not. Students are expected to address technical, policy and behavioral change aspects when analyzing the projects. Based on this analysis students will be able to develop recommendations on how to improve sustainability practices that are consistent with sustainability principles in the identified activity, process or service. Working steps-Draw a systems diagram of the applied sustainability principle (using causal loop diagrams)-Develop sustainability indicators for the applied sustainability principle to assessment of current and future conditions-Assess the current technologies and policies using the indicators identified earlier-Use scenario to describe the impact of differentrecommendations of technologies or policies related to the sustainability principle which can be improved and how they perform against the indicators-Draft recommendations Project Update: Students are required to submit one Project Updatethat describe the work done up to the point of submission. This 5-7 page progress report will consist of a cover page with the name of the course and semester, a working title for the project, and the names of all participating team members. The body of the paper should include following headings: 1)Topic 2)Introduction3)Review of Literature4)Applied Sustainability Strategies 5)Proposed Recommendations6)References. The Topic will focus on the sustainability principle as applied to the project area, location, technology, or analysis methods. The Introductionfocuses on the historical, political and economic background of the selected city, and includes elements of your problem statement and rationale for the study as well as its significance and scope. The Review of the Literaturecompares and contrasts relevant readings and research on the topic and should be cited. The Applied Sustainability Strategiessection of the update should provide data of the municipality project you have selected, present an analysis of the data, identify weakness and strengths with respect to the sustainability principles you have selected for analysis, and provide an insightful commentary. Based on your analyses you will develop recommendations on what could be done to ensure that the project or operation runs more sustainably in the future. Proposed Recommendationswill suggest and discuss possible or probable solutions. It is important that your recommendations are based on practicalities identified in your selected project. You need to outline the challenges or limitations of applying your recommendations in the specific population, environment, economy, and geography. Lastly, list your current References as information sources. This Project Updatewill help the students to gauge the progress they made and it will give the instructor an opportunity to provide feedback and guidance. Prepare your progress reports such that they can be used as a foundation for your Final Report and make sure that you include proper referencing according to the APA document formatting:

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