Reflection(Motivation in Learning and Teaching) Part B

The reason why I create a new order here is because I need quality and professional academic writing for this assignment. The previous writing from a writer is not satisfactory. It is still a bit urgent, although I was permitted to have another 12 hours extension for this assignment. The essay is 1500 words (NOT including References), with PartA & PartB. Require minimum 5 resources for reference. ?Writer is to write PartB for me. Which is 1000 words only. I will attach my PartA later for you for a review and essay coherence/formatting.? Also, it requires English(British spelling), please have a check. This Reflection essay is for the topic of ?Motivation in Learning and Teaching?. The essay will require the ?knowledge of classroom motivation theories?. *I prefer writers major in education or psychology. PartA (500 words): Reflecting on your school experiences (or work experiences or another similar experience), consider inspirational teachers/mentors/bosses etc. Briefly describe TWO strategies the teachers/mentors/bosses have used AND how they were motivating. You can describe two strategies from the same person OR two strategies from different people. PartB (1000 words): Reflecting on this Ryan and Deci article (attached here), describe TWO CREATIVE learning activities a high school teacher could use to promote ONE of the psychological needs. Therefore, chose autonomy OR competence OR relatedness in students to complete Part 2. (THESE MUST BE DIFFERENT TO THE STRATEGIES DESCRIBED IN THE PART 1 OF THIS ASESSMENT) Attached files are: a) Detailed instructions & Criteria for this reflection essay. b) Ryan and Deci article for PartB reflection c) Several related articles about some of the motivation theories for your information

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