Reflective written report on tech

Topic: Nowadays, most companies are considering transforming their business using social media, mobile internet/platform, cloud computing and Business Intelligence (BI) /big data. The social, mobile, cloud and BI/big data has become a powerful force to turn business inside out and exposing all of the people and processes to each other and to the outside world. In this individual paper, please choose ONE of the above topics (social, mobile, cloud and BI/big data), and write a reflective written report on your understanding of the chosen topic, especially in the business settings. Format: The format of this report could be any of the following: A. A descriptive analysis of the topic in general (e.g., the history, current applications and future trends of the IT; some other general descriptions or illustrations of your understanding on the selected topic); B. A short discussion on the benefits and problems of social, mobile, cloud or BI/Big data for business; C. An in-depth case study (in a real company) to illustrate the chosen topic; or D. A story sharing/personal observation of the application of the IT in business settings. For a scientific report, no matter which format do you choose, your arguments must be based on figures and/or references. Requirements: 1. Total number of words: 800-1000. (A condensed report) 2. References are a must. But are not counted within the above word limitation. Please follow APA reference style 3. Font: 12 size 4. Line space: 1.5 or double 5. Margins: 1 inch all around Evaluation criteria: – Outstanding performance: a. Organize the contents in a structured way; b. Have an in-depth understanding of the chosen topic; c. Discuss the topic from different perspectives; d. Have the most updated figures or information to support your arguments/opinions; e. Demonstrate innovative thinking or illustrate impressive ideas.

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