Relativism, Absolutism, and Biblical Approaches to Ethics

Write a 5 – 6 page paper (stapled, typed, double spaced, APA formatted minus the cover page & running head) labeling & answering all of the following prompts as sections of your essay. Make sure to include an opening introduction and thesis statement, headings for the developing sections of the essay, paragraphs to your essay in which you address the following prompts, and a conclusion to your paper. 1) Do you subscribe to any form of relativism? If so, which type? And what form / type of relativism do you most often encounter? How would you critique it? Critique means evaluate it for its merits, deficiencies and / or deficits. 2) Do you subscribe to either of the three forms of absolutism as presented in class? If so, which one, and explain why? 3) Does the Bible have a simple approach to ethics? Define, and then compare and contrast deontological ethics, virtue approaches to ethics, and utilitarian approaches to ethics. Which approach do you prefer, and why? 4) Discuss your views on whether these three approaches to ethics can be, or should be, integrated. Why or why not? Explain your rationale by providing Biblical support for, or against, the rationale of integrating all three approaches according to what you have heard in class lectures, and from what you have read from the Rae / Wong readings

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