Research Assignment

Part 1: Summary of Drake & Miah’s argument In your own words, summarise Drake & Miah’s argument in ‘The Cultural Politics of Celebrity,’ PAGES 49 to mid 52 (end of ‘Problems of Definition’ section) ONLY. In your summary, include a discussion of the key points that support the authors’ argument, and any significant examples or other scholarship or writing that the writers draw on. Part 2: Compare and Contrast Drake & Miah with Turner extract Compare and contrast the points raised by Drake & Miah with those expressed by Graeme Turner in Chapter One of Understanding Celebrity Culture, PAGES 3 to 1st line of 5 ONLY. The following questions may help you respond to this section: Is there a common concern or focus of both authors? Do they approach their analysis of celebrity culture in the same way? How are they similar/different in their approach? Marking criteria Specific Identifies main thesis of first excerpt; Draws attention to similarities and differences between two readings in terms of argument, approach and supporting evidence; Writes in own words and does not quote or paraphrase, or include any form of citation. General Coherent paragraph structure and organisation of ideas; Expresses ideas in clear, technically accurate prose; Presents information effectively within set word limits.

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