Research Proposal on Role of Exercise in Reducing Anxiety

This Paper is not to exceed SIX pages. (Latter does not include Title Page, Table of Contents, References, and Appendices.) This is not a Research Paper or Research Project. You are NOT doing any primary research. Rather, you are writing a “Research Proposal” in efforts to get your research project approved. (If approved and in a real world example, you would then go ahead with research.) The goal of a Research Proposal is to present and to justify the need “to study a research problem”, and to present the practical ways in which the proposed study should be conducted. This assignment is designed to improve your general research skills and your writing skills. (This is after all, a writing course!) All Research Proposals must address the following questions: What do you want to accomplish? Why do you want to do it? How are you going to do it? And where? With whom? Please ensure you are direct, straightforward, concise, and focused. Your Instructor is your audience, and your Instructor needs to understand what you are proposing and your Instructor needs to see the benefits of your proposed research. You need to focus on getting get their approval! You are going to be evaluated on both Content and Presentation, as well as, your adherence to all instructions.

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