Research Scholarly Journal Article

ATTENTION: this assignment needs to be done on 3 different topics. Research and locate 1 scholarly journal article ON EACH of the following 3 TOPICS: 1. The condemnation of Galileo. 2. The radical Reformation (the Anabaptist portion of the Reformation). 3. The Jesuit missions to either India, China, or Japan in the sixteenth century. *** 1-PARAGRAPH SUMMARY FOR EACH ARTICLE (3 TOTAL) : Scholarly journal articles must be articles from a scholarly or academic journal. “Christianity Today” and Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias (in printed form or online) do not count as scholarly articles. Also, books and book reviews cannot be used. Instead, find a scholarly article from an academic journal to use; they will usually be more than five pages. Part of the grade derives from your ability to summarize scholarly journal articles. Using proper, current Turabian format, summarize the main points of each article in your own words in a 1-paragraph summary. Include the bibliographic information for EACH of the 3 articles.

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